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Infrared Heaters
Wherever and whenever you need it.
With the previous maximum high and low temperature range now expanded even further, the newly advanced 2-STEP KBE5L is now capable of maintaining the combustion efficiency even at the low setting.

Who We Are

Why VAL6?

Diesel fueled infrared VAL6 heaters are used for curing cement, drying brick, block, concrete and other masonry veneers in the construction industry. The VAL6 radiant heater has a portable design perfect for dry wall and flooring applications. Smokeless diesel fueled radiant space heaters are ideal in the aviation industry for warming in hangars and thawing on runways. And using biodiesel, diesel or kerosene these green heaters are used on farms in-and-out of the barn especially during calving season. Indirect gas and propane industrial heaters cost 5 times more to purchase and twice as much to operate.

about kw 1/2


What People Say

"Val6 heaters are a great selling tool for pressure washer dealers like us during the slower winter months and we appreciate having A-1 Infrared as our partner in this business. Thumbs up for the prompt and courteous service that we receive from A-1 on our heater and parts orders"

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A1 Infrared Technologies
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Bill Guditus

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